Homemade cards turn scraps into treasures

I’ve got a box full of neatly organized, absolutely blank cards sitting in my home office, and this is the year I’m actually going to use them.

I love craft projects, and I especially love quick ones, such as making someone a card. I’ve got an arsenal of rubber stamps, ink, markers, beads and imagination at my disposal, along with my stash of blank cards. The trouble is that, when faced with an upcoming birthday or holiday, I frequently resort to buying a card instead of taking time to make one.

Take a fresh look at your craft, sewing and scrapbooking supplies. They could be the inspiration for handmade greeting cards.

I like store-bought cards, but with ample supplies to make my own, my goal this year is to save money by using the materials I have.  Making cards is a terrific way to use up or reuse all kinds of odds and ends I have around the house, including:

  • Buttons, decorative coins and beads
  • Scraps of ribbon
  • Scraps of scrapbooking paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper or paint chips
  • Fabric trims, such as rickrack or couch braid, or small tassels
  • Odd earrings with broken posts or small decorative pins
  • Silk flowers, petals or leaves

For example, I could glue a few inches of wire-edged ribbon, cinched in the center, onto a blank card. In the center of the ribbon, I’d add a button, flower or bit of jewelry. In less time than it takes to drive to the store, I’d have a quick, pretty and one-of-a-kind card.

I’m going to set aside an evening or Saturday afternoon this month to make a few cards so I’ll be ready when the next birthday or special occasion rolls around.  In fact, a few handmade cards, tied with ribbon, twine or tulle, make a useful, thoughtful gift.

Hmm … now my creative juices are flowing. Do you like making homemade cards? I’d love your suggestions for decorating them or making them unique.

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2 Responses to Homemade cards turn scraps into treasures

  1. Bianca Boll says:

    I have come to hate my favorite holiday…Valentines Day…because of the cheesy little valentine cards available to buy in stores for the kids exchanges at school. Last year, I was fed up enough to do something about it. I drew two heart designs in black sharpie marker, then had my children color them in ( I limited the colors they were allowed to use thereby achieving a pleasing color scheme ). Then I scanned in the completed art, reduced the size to approximately the same as those cheesy store bought cards, then printed out all the valentines we needed for both the boys on 4 sheets of card stock. I printed the “to” and “from: Josh/Morgan” on the valentines to minimize the time spent filling them out, and VIOLA!!! we achieved unique, budget-friendly valentines with no cheesy messages, advertising, or questionable cartoon characters!

  2. Tanya Manus says:

    Great idea! I know a lot of parents who would love to avoid the questionable cartoon characters, not to mention cheesy messages and advertising. Thanks for sharing your tips for making easy homemade Valentines, minus the cheese!

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